01.May.2022. 13:39:58

Agent Hamilton is loosely based on the Carl Hamilton novels book series by Swedish author and journalist Jan Guillou about the fictional Swedish secret agent Carl Hamilton, with Norwegian actor Jakob Oftebro in the title role. The spy thriller is set in the present time, with scenes from around Europe.

Hamilton faces several action-packed missions with ramifications in countries such as France, Belgium and Poland. Hamilton and Kristin go undercover to find out more information about the background to the murder. A dangerous chase, which ultimately involves the whole world, leads via the French Riviera casino to exclusive villas and out into the Mediterranean. VFX work included full CG and mixed underwater shots, 3d set extensions and environments, helicopter shots, bullets, muzzle flashes, all the exciting stuff that makes a good action thriller even more exciting. As always this is a result of good teamwork across all the departments and wonderful creative people.