11.October.2020. 18:19:56

Release date: 2021

The Age of Uskoks

The Age of Uskoks is docu-drama film on Uskoks of Senj, legendary corsairs and anti-Osman soldiers from 16. and 17. centuries. It is a story of the period when small town of Senj was in the very midst of power play of great political powers of the period: Republic of Venice, Osman Empire and Habsburg Empire. Using their unique skills of warfare, Uskoks of Senj lived independently for almost a century, successfully defying great powers.

State-of-the-art computer technology was extensively used to reconstruct buildings and landscapes of the period. Hundreds of historically accurate costumes have been made for the project, as well as huge scenographic object, such as life-size Venetian war galley made in HRT studios. Superbly produced, “The Age of Uskoks” is specific, mixed format of a documentary based on scientific knowledge, and the art of film.