11.October.2020. 18:16:19

Release Date: 2020


Momentum teamed up with multi-awarded director Kristijan Milic and production house The Clinic on exciting new mini series Missing. Our work was to bring additional excitement and drama with invisible effects to fighting scenes trough out the episodes. Muzzle fire, blood hits, dust/bullet hits, small and large explosions all added to dramatic turning points in the story. To better portray view from far specially designed Sniper scopes and binoculars with interactive inside reflection lighting was created that helped focus on the important story and action moments. In addition, we provided alterations to some plates where a bit of vfx love was needed. Its always a real thrill to create work on Kristijan Milics projects that never lack drama and fine nuanced work with sniper accuracy to the story.

Already the first episode is nurturing action. Ahead of upcoming action, six Croatian soldiers are watching how soldiers of Krajina are executing prisoners of war. They don't dare to interfere because of their small number, despite that in enemy ranks is notorious Ljubo, dressed all in black how personally shots victims in a back of the head. They got their chance when the enemies splits so the six engaged in skirmish with those who remained at the base, they menage to kill all but one. That one soldier realized that he has no chance and surrenders himself. He became the replacement for one of their comrades, who was killed in that shooting, he is a city boy who found himself in Krajina army against his will.

After that they intercept the convoy of killers that left the places of crime, but they were disappointed that Ljubo is not with them. Using the radio station they communicate with their headquarters and headquarters suggests that they “get lost” for a few days. Which would be enough to catch the criminal they are looking for. By doing so, they become “missing” and the first thing they do is removing the insignia of the Croatian army. If they got killed nobody will know who they are. Thus begins the plot of mini-series that takes place somewhere in the Zadar hinterland at the bottom of the Velebit mountain.