11.October.2020. 18:12:06

Release Date: 2017

Tin – 30 year voyage

Four-part docu-drama recreating life events of Croatia’s famous poet Augustin Tin Ujevic. Really deep and delicate voyage through the history of not just poets life but also a turbulent history of Europe. Using archive footage in combination with acted filmed scenes gives this story authentic look and feel. Written by Jasen Boko, Lada Martinac Kralj and Davor Zmegac, directed by Davor Zmegac, director of photography Davorin Gecl.

Besides creating visual effects for us, this project was interesting also because we designed and created the series title sequence. As every artist knows when creating there is lots and lots of ideas that get trashed and thrown out, so for the design, we decided to use just that a crumpled thrown out piece of paper and reverse time. As the original idea would first come from empty space so does the paper dissolve into nothing revealing the title.