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Release Date: 2016

The Republic

The Republic – a history of Dubrovnik Fantastic new documentary series by the director of Croatian Kings – Bozidar Domagoj Buric, produced by Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) While most of the film productions use this great city as a beautiful stage this series main actor and the leading role is the great city of Dubrovnik it self. Docu series aired in beginning of April 2016. with great praises from both critics and fans of history content.

VISUAL EFFECTS To tell such a big story, spanning through centuries a wide array of visual effects work needed to be done. Thousands of images was taken to collect as much real reference as possible, creating large point clouds of scanned data but still coming down to 3D artists to create things lost in time of history and destruction. Large portions included delicate environment work, partial or full digital sets, digital make-up effects, destruction simulations, crowd, matte painting, pretty much anything so this wonderful true story can be told.