11.October.2020. 14:59:41

Release Date: 2015

The Beast

Very interesting and fun short movie directed by talented Daina Oniunas-Pusic. Our task was to create a third character in the movie, the bat. The plot is intertwined with the appearance of this creature that needs to be a bat but also not to literal so it cant be connected to the lead character. If you get a chance I highly recommend you to watch it.

"A hundred year old woman called Nada and her 75-year old daughter Vera have a tense but familiar relationship. The childlike Vera takes care of her frail, mute though at times cruel, mother until one evening a bat flies into Nada's room and starts hibernating underneath her bed. The animal's presence gradually reinvigorates the old woman, eternally and fatally changing the relationship between mother and daughter."