11.October.2020. 12:25:38

Missing best series of the season 2020

Milić’s permanent collaborator, director of photography Marko Pivčević did impressive job while camera is monitor action on karst terrain from heights and treats it as a graphic ornament. The motive of traveling is always grateful for the action story and the people that heroes meet also promote the plot into something extremely exciting. When they come across few houses where only middle-aged and older women live, they get the first lesson about war in which they found themselves: “Ours - yours, it’s all the same” they were told by women. Or as one protagonist said: “ We are screwing our selves for years over this field where nothing has ever grown.

The casts are excellent. Commander Delon is cast by Alan Katic who excelled at movie “Number 55”. He does not give orders, he acts unobtrusively, but still authoritatively. Brothers Bojan and Goran Navojec play Sikiru and Prku, characters that are not related and everyone is different, but it is obvious that Prka has more war experience and that he has nothing to lose in battle which is not the same for Sikira. Filip Kirižan is character called “Nervoza (anxiety)” to whom something is always wrong, and he is especially bothered by “Gradski (City boy)” who is played by Marko Cindrić another cast that played in “Number 55”. Their skirmishes become the ritual of the group, they argue about rock music or anything else. The mysterious character of the team is Pape (Vedran Živolić) he is a sniper that never utters a word, and communicates with Commander Delon with looks and signs.

Like in every Millić’s movie famous actors appear in some episodes. We can see Marinko Prga who plays Ljubo. We are always watching him from distance throw binoculars or snipers optic and that is enough to leave some impression. In total, he can be seen for 5 to 6 minutes, but that is enough because he is playing the main protagonist. Short appearance of Marija Škaričić is very suggestive, she doesn’t say a word, but it is obvious that she went through a lot in the war, but like a forest spirit she knows were the mines are or some other devices. In one episode we can see Saraliju (played by Enis Bešlagić) a soldier of the Army of BiH who quarrels with the heroes of the series in a silly occasion. In Series “Missing” the war actions are portrayed remarkably convincingly, the way protagonists alternate in position that will give them an advantage over enemy is fascinating. Director Kristijan Milić drew the shots before the start of filming. After all he is our only director who understands the portrayal of war operations. Milic had a great support in the director of the second team Goran Rukavina, he together with Ivan Pavličić had function of playwrigthing, extremely important was contribution of visual effects supervisor Kristijan Mršić and special effects supervisor Branko Repalust. Stunt coordination and martial art skill sufficiently testify to the seriousness with which the series was made, and when you add to that at least a hundred stunt guys who gave the necessary credibility to the massive scenes.

You don't need any more arguments that this is one of the best products of Croatian Drama Program Televisions in this genre in recent years. Let's hope it doesn't all stay on that.