11.October.2020. 12:24:36

Missing - Premiere airing early February

Croatian Radio and Television (HRT) launches its premiere on Monday, February 3rd at 9 pm on its First Program (HRT-HTV 1) and simultaneously on the Third Program (HRT-HTV3) in a format adapted for the blind and partially sighted. new, four-part mini-drama series "Missing". It is a domestic drama series which, according to a script by Josko Lokas and directed by Kristijan Milic, in four related 52 minute episodes, tells the story of six Croatian soldiers who were cut off from the rest of his unit behind enemy lines ten days before the operation "storm".

Deep in a hostile position, with one thoughtless but determined move, it will turn its return to Croatian territory into an impossible mission. Far from the main war conflicts, they try to find a way home and bear witness to the lives they have left behind, but also to think about the future that awaits them when the war is over. The Missing are talking about a lost generation, skipped and quited normal life because of the imposed war. The characters of the six main characters are inspired by real people who chose war instead of college. In the war, they became aware of the importance of friendship, sacrifice and dependence on the first to themselves.

The story is about people who did not calculate when it was necessary to defend their homeland. The series was completely filmed in exteriors, in about eighty locations in Zadar County. The shoot ran from May 17 to June 28, 2019. The writer of the series is Josko Lokas, and the director is Kristijan Milic, whose directing opus highlights several important war-themed films (Living and Dead, Number 55).

The leading roles of the six Croatian soldiers include Goran Navojec, Bojan Navojec, Alan Katic, Vedran Zivolic, Marko Cindic and Filip Krizan. The series also stars Marinko Prga, Tarik Filipovic, Sandra Loncaric, Marija Skaricic, Enis Beslagic, Enes Veisovic.