11.October.2020. 12:23:18

HRT is filming the latest feature scenes of "The Age of Uskoks"

Zagreb, August 28, 2018 - Earlier this week, the latest feature scenes of the documentary series The Age of Uskok, a HRT mega project whose screenwriter, director and composer is Bozidar Domagoj Buric, were filmed on Croatian Radio Television. The main role in the scenes is “interpreted” by the attractive replica of the 25-meter Venetian galley, which HRT built for the needs of the series in order to more accurately evoke the time of the 16th and 17th centuries that the series deals with.

For the purpose of shooting the series, the galley was anchored in the HRT studio and armed with cannons on each side to defend itself more successfully against the attackers. The scenes of the attack were filmed a little earlier, and it took about a month to build a replica of the ship. Narrow galleys were attacked by gaiters, smaller boats about ten meters long. "These are the most demanding scenes in the series, besides the galley, there are costumes from the 16th and 17th centuries, swords and other weapons, in short, all that is recognizable for the period the series deals with," said series producer Marija Kosor.

The series draws from oblivion the amazing history of Senj, a city that has defied great European powers for almost a century. Although the serie follows the events of the 16th and 17th centuries, some of the scenes shot at Zagreb's Jakuševac also touch on the 14th and 15th centuries. The Age of Uskoks consists of four sequels - each lasting 50 minutes. The same team that prepared the Croatian Kings and the Republic participated in their preparation. Along with director, screenwriter and composer Bozidar Domagoj Buric, it features editor Dubravko Prugovecki, director of photography Branko Cahun and costume designer Jasna Zvonkovic Ljevakovic. The set designer is Igor Juras, visual effects supervisor Kristijan Mrsic, and producer Marija Kosor.