11.October.2020. 12:19:31

The Age of Uskoks - taking historical storytelling to the next level

Recreating historical events with talented and no fear of the unknown director B.D.Buric means that you need to bring your A game to a whole new level each and every time. In full sense of the word monumental project that tested our creative and technical limits. A pure pleasure but also a challenge to create large scale fully CG environments spanning for kilometers and kilometers but also to high degree historically accurate. We used all known and created some new workflows. It’s always gratifying when you create VFX work that has educational and entertaining value. Recreating St. Peter’s basilica as close as possible in the exact period of time (1570) is maybe the best testimony of that.

The amount of research on the historical side proved to be quite a challenge before we could create the shot. This was very turbulent time in Rome where architects and builders changed several times and constantly updated their vision of the basilica. End result speaks for it self. VFX supervisor Kristijan Mrsic and super talented matte painter Daniel Bayona spent several months sculpting glorious building pixel by pixel, stone by stone. Blood and gore VFX spiced up battle sequences and creating beautiful Venetian galley ships proved to be lots of fun as you rarely see those now days in cinema. Our next project in the works we can only say will be of gigantic Roman proportions..