11.October.2020. 13:02:33

Betinski Brodograditelji

Original title “Betinski brodograditelj” is FUN and educational 3D game we had pleasure to develope and create with our friend from FIVE (amazing programmer). The game is part of the authored content we had pleasure to create for really sweet museum MUZEJ BETINSKE DRVENE BRODOGRADNJE opened 14.08.2015. This task was particularly interesting about one thing, build accurate historical boat Betinska Gajeta. In this extent we had support from a real shipbuilder and we even used traditional names for parts! The game is simple and fun. It’s played on touchscreen monitor. The player needs to find parts that are scattered around the map in actual order and connect them by double clicking one by one until the whole boat is built. In the end kids can have their creation printed out as a little souvenir.